Junior Comet Football Association Bylaws

The following are the Bylaws set forth by the Junior Comet Football Association (JCFA) as adopted by the JCFA Board.

Section 1 – Name.
The name of this organization shall be Junior Comet Football Association (JCFA). All youth football teams playing within this organization shall be known as Junior Comets.

Section 2 – Purpose.

The purpose of the JCFA shall be to promote the non-profit organization and education of our youth related to tackle football among interested players, parents or guardians, coaches, and other interested persons, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. The JCFA regulates and manages youth football for grades one through eight.

Section 3 – Membership.

The regular membership of this organization shall be composed of families attending Catholic schools within Northeastern Oklahoma or parishioners of Catholic churches who intend to attend Bishop Kelley, with good moral character who affirm that they are in accord with the purpose of this organization. Membership in JCFA does not confer eligibility to participate in the Indian Nations Football Conference (“INFC”) or any other organization in which JCFA is a member. Eligibility to participate in such organizations is determined by the rules and regulations of the governing organization.

The “voting membership” of this organization shall consist of, and be limited to those regular members of the organization who: (a) are not in arrears in the payment of any athletic equipment or other fees; and (b) who have, residing in their home, any child or children currently enrolled in the Junior Comet Football program. There is one vote per family membership.

Any person who has performed some particular service for the organization or has made a significant contribution in the field of athletics may, upon motion of any voting member of the Board, be elected to membership in the organization for a period of one or more years by majority vote of the membership at any regular meeting.

The membership of the organization shall elect Board members in accordance with Section 7.

For all general membership meetings and any special membership meetings, the membership must be notified two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting, in such a manner as shall be determined by the JCFA board.

Section 4 – Principal Office.

The principal office for the transaction of the business of the JCFA shall be established by resolution of the Board of Directors (hereinafter call the “Board”). The Board is granted full power to change the principal office from one location to another.

Section 5 – General Powers.

The property, business, and affairs of the JCFA shall be managed by and under the direction of the Board.

Section 6 – Board.

The JCFA Board shall have eleven voting members. All “ex-officio” Board members are non-voting members.


Vice President for Legal, Insurance and INFC Compliance
Vice President for Accounting, Finance and Purchasing
Vice President for Registration, Equipment Distribution and Grade Reps
Vice President for Security, Facilities, and Concessions

Four General Board Members

Ex-Officio Board Members

Executive Consultant
Bishop Kelley Representative
DSMAA Representative
Grade Representatives

Head coaches and assistant coaches are eligible to serve on the General Board subject to Section 21 herein.

Section 7 – Election, Terms and Appointment of Officers and Board Members.

The Secretary/President Elect and four Board Members shall be elected each year at the annual meeting of JCFA, beginning for the 2007-2008 School Year. No quorum will be required for the Annual Membership Meeting. The initial Board created in 2006 will exist until then, then five of the initial Board members will be replaced.

A Nominating Committee selected by the President shall be responsible for investigation of, and presenting to the membership the nomination of interested and qualified individuals for the elected positions at the Annual Membership Meeting. Additional candidates may be nominated by the membership at the meeting.

The President shall serve a one year term.

The Secretary shall serve as the President-Elect.

The Treasurer shall be appointed by the President and serve at the leisure of the President.

The President shall appoint Board Members to any vacant officer positions.

All elected Board Members shall serve two year staggered terms.

Section 8 – Resignations.

Any Board member may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Board or to the Secretary of the JCFA. Any resignation will become effective immediately upon receipt and does not require acceptance to be effective.

Section 9 – Vacancies.

Any vacancy in the Board, regardless of the circumstances causing the vacancy, may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Board members. A quorum of the remaining Board does not need to be present. Each Board member chosen in this fashion shall fill the remaining term of the vacant Board member.

Section 10 – Meeting Place.

The Board may hold any of its meetings at locations inside or outside of Oklahoma as the Board may designate. Board members may participate in any regular or special Board meeting by conference call or by Internet chat, provided that all members can hear and read. This type of participation shall be the same as physical presence at the meeting.

Section 11 – Regular Meetings.

The Board shall meet regularly at such times as designated by the President or by resolution of the Board but not less than once per calendar quarter. Any business may be transacted at meetings where a majority of the Board members are in attendance. Notice of regular meetings need not be given.

Section 12 – Special Meetings.

Special meetings of the Board may be called at any time by the President of the Board or by any three directors to be held at the principal office of the JCFA, or at such place or places within or without of the State of Oklahoma, as the person or persons calling the meeting may designate.

Notice of all special meetings of the Board shall be given to each Director by United States mail, facsimile (fax), telephone, or electronic e-mail. Notice by mail shall be postmarked at least four days in advance of the meeting date, or four hours if by fax, electronic mail or by telephone.

Section 13 – Quorum and Manner of Acting.

Except as otherwise provided by law, the presence of a majority of the authorized number of voting Directors is required to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board, and all matters shall be decided at any such meeting, quorum being present, by the affirmative votes of the majority of the Directors present. After a quorum is established, a smaller number of Directors may adjourn from time to time. The Directors shall act as a Board, and the individual Directors shall have no power as such, except as may be specifically delegated by a vote of the Board.

Section 14 – Removal of Directors.

At any Board meeting specifically designed for that purpose, any Director of the JCFA may be removed by a two-thirds vote of all Directors currently on the Board. Any such Director shall be entitled to at least ten days notice in writing, by United States mail, of the meeting at which such removal is to be voted upon and shall be entitled to appear before and be heard at such meeting.

Section 15 – Compensation.

Individual Board members shall not receive any compensation for their services. However, the Board may approve reimbursing individuals for direct operation expenses incurred on behalf of the organization. Expenses of attending Board meetings shall not be reimbursable.

Section 16 – Committees.

1.The Board may, by resolution passed by a majority of the Board, designate one or more committees. Any such committee, to the extent provided in the resolution of the Board, shall have and may exercise all authority of the Board in the management of the business and affairs of JCFA, and may authorize the seal of the JCFA to be fixed to all papers which require it. No committee shall have the power or authority to amend the Bylaws, encumber property or assets of the JCFA, or to enter into contracts on behalf of the JCFA absent specific authorization of the Board. All committees shall keep written minutes of their meetings and report the same to the Board at the next regular Board meeting. The President of the Board shall also have the authority to designate one or more committees, as he or she shall deem necessary. Committees designated by the President shall be governed by the same rules as those governing committees designated by Board resolution as described earlier in this section.

1.Except as may be otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors, the President of the Board shall appoint the members of all special or other committees of the Board with the exception of the Finance Committee. The President of the Board, or his designate, shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees.

The following are the standing committees of the JCFA:

1. Executive Committee. (Executive Board). This committee is composed of the officers of the JCFA. The management of the JCFA is vested in the Executive Committee. The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the President or any two officers of the JCFA between regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. Three members of the Executive Committee, inclusive of the President and/or Secretary, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by the Executive Committee. The President, or in the President’s absence, the Secretary shall serve as committee chair. The Executive Committee shall have power to authorize expenditure of funds on behalf of JCFA.

1. Finance Committee. There shall be a Finance Committee whose responsibility shall include fact finding for the General Board on matters relating to the financial administration of the JCFA, preparation of the annual budget for presentation to the Board and reporting to the Board regarding the financial affairs of the JCFA. The committee shall establish the policy by which funds of the JCFA shall be deposited, withdrawn and invested, and policy on bank selection. The Vice President – Finance, Treasurer, and one other member of the Board chosen by the Vice President – Finance shall serve on this committee. The Vice President – Finance shall serve as chair of the committee.

1. Coaches Committee. There shall be a Coaches Committee chosen by the Board and preferably consisting of four (4) current or former football coaches. The President, or his designee from the Board, shall be the chair of this committee. This committee will interview all head coaching candidates and recommend to the Board the candidates to accept as a head coach. The committee shall also make themselves available to hear disputes between coaches and parents, as further set our in Section 18 of these Bylaws.

Dismissal of Coaches

Coaches may be relieved of their head coaching duties at any time with or without cause.

1. Grievance Appeals Committee. A designated committee of the Board of Directors shall act as the Grievance Appeals Committee. The Board Secretary will chair the Grievance Appeals Committee and shall name two additional members from the Board.

Section 17 – Grade Representatives.

Grade Representatives (“Grade Reps”) will be appointed by the JCFA Board and shall serve at the leisure of the Board. Grade Reps shall be appointed for the following:

Mighty Mites Football League Rep

3rd Grade Football Rep

4th Grade Football Rep

5th Grade Football Rep

6th Grade Football Rep

7th Grade Football Rep

8th Grade Football Rep

The JCFA Board believes Grade Reps to be a vital part of the organization. The Grade Reps serve as the liaison between their teams, players, parents and the Board. Grade Reps are encouraged to attend all Board meetings so the membership of the Board is fully informed. Grade Reps are to be given notice of all JCFA Board meetings and shall also serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

Section 18 – Grievance Procedures.

All parent or player grievances must be first addressed with the appropriate Grade Football Representative. Parents and players are strongly encouraged to resolve any grievance they might have at this level. If the grievance is not resolved in this fashion, the grievance may be presented to the Coaches Committee, in writing, with a payment of a $25.00 processing fee made payable to JCFA. The Coaches Committee shall consider the positions of all parties involved, including the recommendations of the applicable Grade Rep. The aggrieved person will either be notified of the Committee’s decision, or notified of the hearing date within 10 days of the Committee’s receipt of the grievance. If the aggrieved person is unsatisfied with the Committee’s decision, they may appeal in writing to the Grievance Appeals Committee. The Grievance Appeals Committee shall rule on the matter without a hearing unless it specifically orders a hearing. The decision of the Grievance Appeals Committee is final.

Section 19 – Participation Rules For Participants, Coaches & Sponsors.

JCFA is a member of the INFC and will adhere to all Indian Nations rules of participation. In addition, we require all players, parents and coaches comply with INFC rules and the JFCA Code of Conduct.

The Board will monitor the adherence of the JCFA to corporate and conference rules and regulations including, but not limited to following:

Participants. All participating players shall maintain moral and league standards in compliance with the aims and objectives of JCFA. Participants must abide by all rules and regulations of JCFA and its league association.
Coaches. Coaches must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. They must abide by all rules and regulations of JCFA and any league associations.

All members of the football coaching staff will be certified through the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (“NYSCA”) and will have to produce proof if requested by an INFC commissioner at that time. In addition, all coaches will have to submit to all background and training requirements set forth by the JCFA Board.

JCFA promotes the active participation of all players. Unless on disciplinary probation, all coaches will adhere to INFC rules of participation as set forth in the INFC Bylaws and the rules of participation of the league association in which Junior Comet football belongs.

Section 20 – Revisions and Amendments of the Bylaws.

These Bylaws may be revised or amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the voting members in attendance at the regular meeting of JCFA or by a majority vote of the Board at any other meeting called by the Board of Directors in accordance with these Bylaws. All proposed revisions and/or amendments shall be placed on the agenda and/or included with the notification to the membership of the meeting.

Section 21 – Recusal.

All Board Members, Officers, Committee Members and persons with JCFA decision making authority should recuse from votes directly related to their immediate family or any teams they are a part of as a player or a coach.

Section 22 – Cheerleading.

It is the plan and goal of JCFA to adopt and organize cheerleading for all grade levels as a part of this program. The Board will appoint a committee in 2006 to investigate and plan toward having a full JCFA cheerleading program implemented for the 2007-2008 football season.

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